Mini_Pudel_Salon_Einweihung: Sonntag 15 – 20 Uhr, mit geheimer überraschender S-E-N-S-A-T-I-O-N!

Alle Pudel Fotos (c) Katja Ruge , Häuschen Foto (c) Margit Czenki Liebe Menschen, kommt am Sonntag den 24. April 15 – 20 Uhr in den Park zur Einweihung des Mini-Pudel-Salons!Neben den bekannten Gründen (Raum, Behaupten, Bart, Schwierigkeiten machen, Avantgarde, Politik, Lebensstil, Kunst, Kunst-vor-die-Wand-fahren, Mode, Tackernadeln, kein Bock auf Vororte, kein Geld für Ferien) gibt […]

Park Fictions most popular post…

….on facebook is this picture of the renaming of the Park to „Gezi Park Fiction St. Pauli“ 20 hours after the brutal clearing of Gezi Park Istanbul on June 15, 2013: 66.336 saw the image on facebook alone. Thanks to all who were part of this,later we met numbers of people, who were cheered up […]

Aneignungen / Appropriations: welcome videos shot by people we don’t know

For pressing resasons – Golden Pudel Club and Park Fiction Archive under threat: The freaks are alright – a continuous campaign for various reasons. Hey investors! Who do you think you are, thinking you can just buy us? Just think about precisely who you are challenging here. Do you really think you can take it […]