Lass‘ uns mal wieder zusammen was essen 9.8.2013

(scroll down for English) Freitag, 9. August, 2013, 17 – 22 Uhr Seit zwei Monaten unterstützt St. Pauli die 70 Refugees in der Kirche. Wir sind beeindruckt, wie Viele ihre Waschmaschinen, Kochkünste, gewerkschaftlichen Verbindungen, Grills, Nächte oder Kleiderschränke nutzen, um sich der hartherzigen Haltung des Senats entgegen zu stellen. Bring‘ Picknick mit und gib was […]


Daniel Miller, Cristian Vogel, Marco Hass, Ralf Köster am Freitag im Gezi Park Fiction

No, we are not becoming a gossip page. But this shot has a somewhat historic’l dimension. We have to post it. Taken last Friday in Gezi Park Fiction, after the Testmatch between Besiktas and St. Pauli. Thanx to Katja Ruge for the foto. And who is Daniel Miller? According to our knowledgeable friends, he is […]


Welcome Besiktas! Welcome Istanbul United! Welcome Çarşı! 12.07.2013

Gezi Park Fiction St. Pauli sagt: Welcome Çarşı! InterCity Gezification Infobrett Einweihung nach dem Spiel am Freitag, ca. 21 Uhr Morgen, Freitag, den 12. Juli, kommt Besiktas Istanbul für ein Testmatch nach St. Pauli. Anfang der Woche sind in Istanbul 30 Leute aus Basis Initiativen der taksim plattform verhaftet worden. Damit richtet sich Erdogan ganz […]


Davide Martello the Taksim Pianist in Gezi Park Fiction St. Pauli Friday July 5

Überraschung! Heute abend, 19 Uhr spielt überraschend Davide Martello, der „Taksim Pianist“ im Gezi Park Fiction St. Pauli,   Livestream gab’s auch http://www.alicik.com/ und wurde auch in Istanbul gesehen (jatzt vorbei)

Park Fiction Gezi Park Hamburg

Park Fiction is now Gezi Park Hamburg 16.06.2013

We’ve had enough. We’re renaming the park.Park Fiction has become Gezi Park Hamburg. Turkish Translation Deutsche Sprache On the evening of 15 June the Gezi Park in Istanbul was forcibly cleared. Excessive violence was used against people on the streets, in hotels, in improvised hospitals: disturbing pictures of the brutal police operation have been broadcast […]

Park 14.6.13 Lampedusa Grillfest_0624

Let’s eat something together. Friday June 14 from 5pm

70 refugees sleep at night in the St. Pauli Church. Let’s invite our new neighbours to a barbecue. So that we get to know each other. In an inviting atmosphere. Bring an extra piece of meat or veggy-sausage -and share it. Or a grill, potatoe salad, bread or humus, or something to drink. Bring your […]


Park Fiction likes Gezi Park, June 8, 2013

Support #occupygezi Park Fiction Comitee, June 8., 2013 Some of us have been to Istanbul in the last months. We know the long list of „Transformation Projects“ that currently afflict the biggest european city. Neither us, nor the Taksim Platform Activists, could have guessed in advance, that the Gezi-Park-Protest would lead to a nationwide uprising. […]

Park Fiction Netzwerk Pudel Hafenstrasse St. Pauli Kirche

Oh no! Park Fiction is now on facebook.

Oh no! Park Fiction is now on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/parkfiction


Art and Social Change Reader

Art and Social Change Reader – 27.03.2012 – 09:10 The „Art and Social Change“ Reader, edited by Charles Esche and Will Bradle for the Van Abbe Museum Exhibition, containing the first Park Fiction Concept amongst other manifestos, is now available completely as a PDF. Everybody who can’t afford to buy the book for 160 Dollars […]