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Publications on Park Fiction 1994 – 2006

Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl von Artikeln über Park Fiction. Stand November 2006 Here you find a selection of articles on Park Fiction. Updated in November 2006 Veröffentlichungen zu Park Fiction 1994 – 2006     2006 Estética de la emergenciaLa formación de otro cultura de las artes Adriana Hidalgo editorá,Buenos Aires 2006 Reinaldo Laddaga […]

The City Is Unwritten | Urban experiences and thoughts seen through Park Fiction

But advisable it is, to confront the mythical powers with trickery and recklessness. Walter Benjamin Barricade Days 1987 – 1988 was a decisive year in this city, Hamburg, and in my life. Winter 87 has gone down into local history as the barricade days. They saw me as a person at the fringe, supporting (like […]

Park Fiction: Rebellion on level p

(This is the key official theoretical text by Park Fiction, from 1995) Park Fiction: Rebellion on level p Acting from a subordinate position, residents organised in the Hafenrandverein (Harbour Edge Association) prevented the development of the slope along the Elbe River in St. Pauli, which was to consume millions; they caused the local development plan […]