Park Fiction becomes park fact – by Momus

„Exactly twenty years later I played Hamburg again, at the Golden Pudel Klub right next to those same squats. I met Felix Kubin, who gave me a copy of his fantastic song There Is A Garden. In fact, it could be the theme song of the St Pauli district itself. A lot has changed in […]

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Press / Presse Park Fiction Archiv – 08.11.2006 – 21:59 Here you find a selection of articles on Park Fiction / Veröffentlichungen zu Park Fiction 1994 – 2006 incomplete / unvollständige Auswahl, Stand November 2006     2006 Estética de la emergenciaLa formación de otro cultura de las artes Adriana Hidalgo editorá,Buenos Aires 2006 Reinaldo […]