Park Fiction in Tokyo 3331 Arts Chiyoda

An abridged Park Fiction installation at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in the exhibition „Socially Engaged Art“ is accompanied by a series of talks at the venue, at Mori Museum and a talk on the PlanBude as an example for urban planning with The Local Knowledge of the Many at Goethe Institute Tokyo. For the dear readers, who can read and understand Japanese, there is an in depth review by Yumi Sato on Park Fiction on


The curators from Tokyo’s Art & Society Research Centre write: „Socially Engaged Art (SEA) is a new wave of art gaining attention recently as art that is active within real world. Through processes of dialogue and cooperation between people, these artists attempt to bring about some form of social change. The exhibition aims to introduce representative artists and projects from abroad such as Ai Weiwei, Pedro Reyes, Suzanne Lacy, or Park Fiction, as well as re-examine Japanese artists within the context of SEA and present them globally. In particular, the exhibit addresses the practices of Japanese artists who have become more conscious of engagement in society, especially after the events of 3.11. Five projects will also be held for this exhibition. We welcome your interest and anticipation in Japan’s first full SEA exhibition.“